Solar Water Heating

The average family in Hawaii uses 40% of their electric bill to heat water. Learn how you can reduce this cost.

Why Alternate Energy Inc. for Solar Water Heating

We take pride on providing you with the best standards and practices when installing your Solar Water Heating System. We treat every installation as if it were on our own homes and include some extra features, beyond Hawaii Energy's specifications that other solar companies may not include. We feel that these features should be included in every system to maximize its lifetime.

Key Features:

  • Full 5 Year Warranty Including Parts & Labor. After 5 Years, a Limited Lifetime Warranty applies.
  • 100% Customer Support through out the lifetime of your AEI System.
  • Use of extra brass ball valves so you can isolate different parts of the system for maintenance
  • Replace default valve handles Watts Brand Stainless Steel Ball Valves w/ Stainless Steel Handles (Corrosion prevention)
  • No Galvanized Fittings on Water Heater. (Replaced w/ Brass)
  • 3 Digital Temperature Gauges
  • Use of 1 1/2"x2" ABS Pipe Covering Hanger Bolts for adding protection against leaks and keep water piping free of debris
  • Geocel or Lexel Clear Sealant
  • Anodized U-Strut Channel w/ Unistrut Nut Assembly used to secure panels
  • Conceal any vertical water piping running along walls to water tank
  • Hanger bolts - for easy removal of panels

How it Works

Your residential solar hot water heating system is designed to provide the best combination of value, reliability, and trouble-free service. A built-in backup heating element controlled by a timer assures you will have hot water during poor weather conditions or when extra water is needed for guests, laundry, etc.

Water in the solar tank is forced through connection piping and into the solar collectors by city water pressure. The sun’s heat is trapped in the collectors and transferred to the water inside. When the sun gets hot enough the circulation pump will bring the solar heated water down into the storage tank. The heated water rises to the top of the tank. The coolest water remaining near the bottom of the tank is pumped to the collectors completing the solar heating cycle. The circulation pump continues to run as long as the sun is up.

A photovoltaic (PV) module mounted next to your solar collectors on the roof generates enough electricity to run the circulation pump on a sunny day.

The storage tank has an electric heating element inside for extra heating if necessary. The element is controlled by a timer supplier with your system.

Hawaii Tax Credits for Solar Hot Water

Hawaii Energy Efficiency Program Rebates
Rebate $750
The Solene Panels come with 10 years full warranty with 50% lifetime replacement.
5 Year Full Warranty Including Labor(Copper Panel Systems = 7 years) + Manufacturer Warranties up to 20yrs