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Alternate Energy Inc. uses only the best brands in solar technology. Our manufactuers have proven themselves as pioneers in the industry and have been around for decades providing quality hardware you can trust.

Did you know you can claim 65% of your Photovoltaic System costs from State (35%) and Federal (30%) Tax credits?

The average family in Hawaii uses 40% of their electric bill to heat water. Learn how you can reduce this cost.

Reduce attic temperatures by 40 degrees, in turn reducing home temperatures by 10 degrees. Save on AC load.

Up to 35 percent more efficiency than a window unit and up to 40 percent more energy-efficient than central air conditioning.

Let our in-house team of licensed electrical journeymen save you money by maximizing your home or business's energy-efficiency!

The CT4000 Series gives station owners a more affordable, customizable and convenient way to help drivers make the switch to electric.