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Electric Vehicle Charging

The ChargePoint CT4000 Series gives station owners a more affordable, customizable and convenient way to help drivers make the switch to electric.

Research has shown that most electric vehicle owners are highly educated, own their own homes, and have a household income of $150,000 or more1. Installing an EV charging station in your organization’s parking lot will help build a loyal base of these highly desirable customers and show your business’ commitment to the environment.

Benefits of the ChargePoint CT4000 Series include:

  • Reduces installation and incremental costs by allowing for greater charge spot capacity
  • Self-retracting, maintenance free, ultra lightweight cord management system
  • Cloud-based services manage charging operations including access and notifications
  • Option to make station location and real-time availability visible to drivers on the web via the ChargePoint app and on navigation units in top-selling EVs
  • Interactive touch-button system performs in all weather conditions
  • Customizable signage and branding, and a color LCD screen that allows station owners to run their own video content
  • Ability to initiate charging from a smart phone with the ChargePoint mobile app or a ChargePoint card
  • 24/7 customer support for drivers and business hour support for station owners

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