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The Chong Family

Blog Post from Hawaii Renovation

Cool, Cost-effective Comfort

Wes Chong, a Waialae Iki resident and one of AEI’s thousands of satisfied solar PV customers, recently found out for himself how accessible a state-of-the-art Mitsubishi air conditioning system from AEI can be.

He said, “We had our PV system installed by AEI about a year ago, and the savings on my monthly electric bill were immediate — it’s one of the best decisions I ever made. We worked closely with AEI’s in-house engineers, who designed our system to generate a bit more power than we were currently using, to allow for our future energy needs.

This summer, after enjoying our terrific PV system (and tiny electric bills) all year, I decided to invest in air conditioning with Alternate Energy. This was the second best decision I made. We loved working with Ross, and the guys that installed my PV and AC were very knowledgeable and worked fast and hard. Would I recommend AEI to my friends? Absolutely.”