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In this section, you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions regarding AEI's products and services, along with other industry tips.

How can I get my PV monitoring system back online?

Watch this video about SolarEdge PV monitoring system for troubleshooting.

For Enphase PV monitoring system troubleshooting please watch  this video.

What should I do if I don't have enough hot water?

For issues with no hot water or water not getting hot enough, follow the simple steps in this YouTube video.

If you're still having issues, call AEI during regular business hours for assistance.

What tax credits and rebates are available if I purchase a solar water heater?

For more information on the tax credits and rebates available to Hawaii residents for solar water heaters, visit this page.

How can I use my solar water time to maximize my savings?

Watch this video from Hawaii Energy to learn how your solar water timer can help you save even more.

How do solar water heaters work?

Watch this video from Hawaii Energy to learn how solar water heaters work.

What type of preventative maintenance needs to be conducted on my photovoltaic system?

The glass on your photovoltaic panels should be cleaned annually. This will allow for full exposure of ultra violent sunlight to the solar cells. Full exposure allows for maximum performance of your system, allowing  your to maximize your investment.

Do I need to perform maintenance on my photovoltaic system?

Photovoltaic systems, like any investment, need to be maintained. Preventative maintenance is key.

We will have our home tented for fumigation. Do we need to do anything with out PV panels?

You may leave your panels up during the fumigation process, but we do suggest having them cleaned afterwards to assure any remaining film is removed.

How long will it take to get HECO approval?

If below 250% daytime minimal load (DML), HECO approval will take roughly 60-90 days.

What has changed with HECO?

For more information, read our Guide to PUC's Energy Program Reform.

Are tax credits still available for this year?

Yes, tax credits are still available.

How can I check the status of my permit?

Using your permit number, you may check the status of your permit on the DDP website (click on "Your Permit Status").

How do I get my HEEP rebate?

Once your outstading balance is paid, we'll mail you the completed documents to forward to HEEP in order to receive your rebate.

Why is my electric bill so high?

The weather may be a contributing factor to a fluctuating electric bill:

  • If it's been colder than usual, your PV system will not produce as much electricity.
  • If it's been hotter than usual, increased usage of A/C or other similar systems may be increasing your electricity use.

An increase in household occupancy will increase energy usage and in turn increase your bill.

Additional products and appliances in your household, such as A/C, will increase energy usage.

If you feel there may be an issue with your PV system, please call AEI during regular business hours and we'll conduct a production validation if necessary.

Why is my PV production showing zero?

There's a good chance that your PV panels are still producing energy, but the monitoring system is down.

Check that your internet and router are both working properly and refer to these troubleshooting links for Enphase and SolarEdge.

If you're still having issues, call AEI during regular business hours for assistance.
*Service charges may apply

What should I do if my air conditioning is not cooling?

Check to see if your air conditioning is on the correct settings and that the filters are clean.

If you're still having issues, call AEI during regular business hours for assistance.

How do I maintain my solar water heater?

Solar water heater tune ups are recommended every 3-5 years. To schedule a tune up, call 808-842-5853 or request a quote.