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The Sunverge Advantage

Take control of your energy usage and savings with a Sunverge home battery featuring 24/7 remote monitoring and more.

Leading Lithium-ion Technology

Lithium-ion chemistry designed for long life cycles up to 20 years. Comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty from Sunverge.

Reduced Cost Per kWh

Exercise your energy independence by converting your home into its own utility and fix your costs for 20 years.

“True UPS” & Emergency Back Up Power

Peace of mind knowing you’ll have power during the hurricane season with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) backup.

Add Capacity In Oversaturated Circuits

Avoid lengthy utility approval delays and keep the kWh in your control.

Bi-Directional Inverter Features

Inverter can interface with various power sources: battery storage, photovoltaic panels and utility grid with an option for non-export.

Save While You Wait

While waiting for DER approval, HESS is configurable to start saving you money right away.

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