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Solar Water Heating Benefits

Lower the cost of your electricity bills with the quiet, clean, and reliable energy source from solar water heating.

Why Solar Water Heating?

With 40% of the average Hawaii family’s electric bill going towards heating water, solar water heating ensures you have hot water in times of poor weather and heavy use while lowering your water energy costs. Alternate Energy, Inc installs solar water heating systems that uses the sun light to heat water up through a circulation pump, which is run by electricity generated from a photovoltaic (PV) module on your roof. Photovoltaic modules lasts for decades, have no moving or wearing parts, and require minimal maintenance.

The Solar Power Advantage

  • Cut water heater energy costs by 50-80%1 while protecting the environment with clean, renewable energy.
  • Convert energy from the sun to decrease your utility rate.
  • Claim up to 65% of your solar water heating system costs by utilizing the State of Hawaii and federal tax credits.
  • Receive a one-time $500 rebate from the State of Hawaii for solar water heaters installed on existing homes.
  • Enjoy low interest and zero interest loans through the Hawaii and Maui Solar Roofs Initiatives.

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